Know the Zit Zapper Zeno!

Modern technology has given us the latest secret weapon in the fight against acne, you can now stop that pimple before it ever gets the chance to rise up its ugly head! Today, experts have made available the most effective and scientifically advanced tool to treat acne. Zeno is a portable medical device made specifically in treating acne. Since it is hand-held, it comes comfortably anywhere to make those zits disappear quickly. Zeno is used for individuals with mild to moderate inflammatory acne and is effective with a wide range of skin types.

Pimples come about when flaking skin and excess skin oil clog the opening of a hair follicle; this makes the ideal environment for acne bacteria to develop. parasites zapper for sale The culprit of 90% of acne is the bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes or P. acnes, which is now becoming resistive to antibiotics. The innovators of Zeno use the method of applying heat shock to the microorganisms that cause skin lesions. Heat shock reaction is how bacteria behave to heat. Upon exposure, heat-shock proteins are released, these proteins take part in the bacteria’s death by inducing self destruction which in turn reduces inflammation and letting the skin return to its healthy normal state.

Zeno is battery-operated and is designed with a biocompatible tip that heats to a pre-set temperature for direct contact with a blemish on the skin. Heat is transferred into the follicle once the tip is in contact with the blemish.

Zeno is equipped with a microprocessor that adapts to each individual skin type and also to the heat absorption characteristics of the location of the pimple. Zeno is designed to adapt to you, whatever you skin type or condition is. Zeno also has an integral digital timer which controls the treatment time. The level of heat is carefully controlled so it is guaranteed not to cause damage to the skin.

Zeno can remove pimples in just a matter of hours while most treatments will make you wait for days or weeks just to see improvement. Two or three treatments a day, lasting 2 .5 minutes at less than 120 degrees are adequate for most pimples. You can experience slight sting to the heat but it is very tolerable. It can leave a small red mark temporarily after treatment, but other than that there are no perverse side effects.