7 Tips on How to Teach Your Dog Tricks

Dogs are truly man’s best friend. Through positive training methods and lots of patience, dog owners can enjoy teaching tricks to their dogs.

Dog tricks are the best way to have fun and bond with your dogs at the same time. Dog owners can teach from simple to complex tricks by which dog and owner can share quality time together. Your dog will surely gain much confidence as he learns to amaze you and his intelligence will develop as he learns new tricks. Here are 7 top tips how to teach your dog fun tricks:

Tip#1: Choose a dog trick which is compatible with the ability and personality of your pet. You cannot force the dog to learn things that might be too hard, too scary or difficult for him or her. When you are on the lookout for the tricks to teach your dog, you must put into consideration the safety of your dog. Copper kettle This should be the priority above all.

There are tricks which are not suitable for a specific breed. If you are dealing with a Basset for example, it will be too hard to teach him how to sit up. Poodles can perform this trick better. Try a trick which can be done by any dog. Consider starting with a bow or shake hands trick.

Tip#2: When you are dealing with training dogs, keep in mind that they love to be rewarded. Training your dogs entails a great deal of motivation. Try to give your dog his favorite treats after performing a trick. Weiner bits, milkbones, squeaky toys or anything motivating for your dog, can help a lot in learning a trick easily.

Tip#3: Like people, dogs tend to be overloaded with information especially when you are working on tricks which are totally new to them. Take it easy…. not too much info at any one time.

Tip#4: Take a few minutes of break each day. This is to avoid getting your dogs to be burned out. Eventually, they will lose the enthusiasm towards learning new tricks. As a responsible dog owner, you should always exert effort to keep things fun and always positive.

Tip#5: Never ever punish your dog for not delivering the trick. You are adding much to his frustrations as well as yours.

Tip#6: When teaching tricks to your dogs, try to perceive them as human beings trying to learn new skills. You must start teaching your dog small steps on a logical process. Progression of the tricks should be done in a slow but steady manner. Otherwise your dog will be too overwhelmed. Eventually, he will lose his enthusiasm.

Tip #7: Always teach your dog with patience. Have fun and your dog will surely appreciate every moment you invest for him to learn a trick. Show your dog that you are eager to teach him tricks but not on an aggressive tone. Allow your dog to make a connection on the command you are giving and the time he can execute the trick. In this way, you are helping your dog to avoid being too confused.